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What we do

One.Grab helps airports and airlines give passengers an expanded and more convenient F&B offer. This is achieved through an online ordering platform for passengers to order quality and healthy food, which will be supplied from a cloud kitchen at the airport.

We bring together expertise in travel industry and technology to provide an innovative service aimed at improving the F&B experience, while giving passengers  the peace of mind to enjoy their journey.

Sit back, relax and enjoy your meal.

About us​

Founded in 2014, with the goal of disrupting the passenger security tray market, we specialize in developing solutions for transport hubs by deploying innovative thinking and technology, to create bespoke solutions to complex operational problems.


Our knowledge has been developed working across global airports providing an improved product solution in a vital part of the passenger journey, namely security. We fully understand the operational and security constraints of working within high volume environments, and how deploying new thinking to solve a problem can deliver benefits to the passenger as well as offering value to our partners.

We are Endeavor entrepreneurs and our partners include more than 32 airports (18 in Italy), ports and train stations across the world with over 450m passengers (2019), as well as top brands such as Mastercard, Lufthansa, Netflix and American Express.

Deliver peace of mind during the pandemic

We’d love to show you how One.Grab can benefit you and how we build confidence amongst your passengers and staff, whilst demonstrating the value you place on an improved travel experience.

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